Wednesday, January 11, 2006

true confessions: boobies

I am a boob girl. I love boobs. Preferably real. I love my boobs. (they're real) I sit and stare at them, play with them, fondle them in the most loving way. I love my breasts and would be devestated should anything ever happen to them. I actually had a lump removed when I was 21 so there is a scar on the left side of my left breast, however I still find them to be perfect.

The love affair with my breasts and breasts in general started when I was in the fourth grade. I went to a private Baptist school until the middle of 5th grade. It was one fateful day in the fourth grade when all of us good little Christian girls were undressing for gym class that a fellow, good little Christian girl pointed to me when my shirt was off and said, "Your boobies are getting big! Your mom needs to go buy you a bra!" Her name was Jennifer Meyer and I had a love/hate relatinship with her. I think I was too young to realize I should be horrified by this comment so if memory serves me correctly I just finished getting dressed for gym and made a mental note to tell my mother when I got home.
When I arrived home from school that day, I promptly went and told my mom what, Jennifer Meyer had so delicatly pointed out to me.
Mom promptly took me to Sears to buy me my first bra. I think Sears had the market on training bras for a good 100 years. I wonder where little girls go now to get their boobies trained?
When I arrived home with my newly purchased white training bra with a delicate pink rose sew in the middle, I went to my room to get my boobs trained. I was training them for a lifetime of bondage.
I put on my first bra, I placed my pert little breasts in their cups and then put my baseball t-shirt back on. I stood in front of my full length mirror and studied my reflection.
WOW! I stood back and stared and stared. I turned to my left. I turned to my right. I turned back to my left again and now back to the front.
WOW! look at my figure! Look at my curves! Look at how great my breasts look. They look so big! So round and full!
I think, other than to eat dinner I stood in front of that full length mirror for the rest of the night.

The next day as I was getting ready to leave for school my mom noticed I didn't have my bra on and the blouse I was wearing was see through. I told her I wasn't wearing one because you could see my bra through my shirt. She said it would be better to see my bra than to see my boobs. I realized she had a point and went and put my bra on.
As an adult I find this funny. The day before it was perfectly acceptable to see my breasts through my shirt. Suddenly, overnight it was no longer acceptable to see my breasts through my fourth grader blouse.

I don't recall when I went to get my next bra. However, I think in one flash of a hormone change I went from a training bra to a C cup. I don't know that I remember really caring about this fact or really making a mental note of how much I hated it. However, what I didn't like as a teenager was that I was called a slut because I had large breasts in junior high. I find it utterly ridiculous that what everyone want, oggles and dreams about, I was persecuted for. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't really help the size of the orbs protruding forth from my teenage chest.
As an adult I woke up one day to find myself in a D cup overnight and I've stayed there ever since. Not that I'm complaining. I love my perky perfect full D cups. Infact, I'm looking at them right now.


Will said...

"As an adult I woke up one day to find myself in a D cup overnight and I've stayed there ever since. Not that I'm complaining. I love my perky perfect full D cups. Infact, I'm looking at them right now."

This post is useless without pics.

Party Girl said...

I absolutely knew that's what you'd say.
How about I'll do my very boobie best to have a pick for you by the weekend?
How you like them apples? (I may be refering to my boobs)

Will said...

Pics to trade? Lovely. My email is always open. :)

Pussycat said...

Personally, I like the little perky ones that sit just so perfectly on a thin frame, but not too thin, of course. I like a little meat on my women, preferably toned meat.

ptg said...

It's amazing how when you're the different one in junior high, you are crucified for having boobs. Then when you get older, you get crucified for having boobs (that others don't have).

I don't know if Sears is the stockholder or not, as I don't believe I ever had a training bra. I think I went from flat to inflated overnight, it was like someone took the damn Reebok pump and just inflated away. Not that I'm complaining about it, I just remember going in and getting measured my first "visit".

Kuflax said...

DAMN my working all day.

Will beat me to the "post is useless without pics line."


wavslidn said...

Here, here! I second Will's request for pics. I think that to truly judge the validity of your posting, we would need to be able to verify their beauty for ourselves (big smile on my face).

Ok, I must ask about the "real" vs. "fake" debate since you mentioned it early on. I fully understand the boobs that are so over-filled that they stand straight up even when a woman is on her back or the HHH cups - that is just waaaay too much. What about the boobs that have a little work to either firm them up a little bit or just to go from a "B" to a "C"? Does work like this make boobs "fake"? In the cases where reasonable alterations are done by a good surgeon, how would you ever know if you weren't told there had been an augmentation? In the case that you find out a woman has had some work done, would you then no longer like a great-looking pair of boobs? I don't want anyone to think that I am in favor of a woman having work done just to attract guys, but I do feel that if having a little work done will make her feel better about herself, then I fully encourage her. I have known a couple of women who were great people but just did not like their boobs. After a little work (including enlarging as well as a reduction) they felt better about their appearances and themselves. Is that a bad thing? What would you tell them?

Party Girl said...

I will be posting the perky vs my cup runneth over and the real vs fake next post.

Kuflax: baby, you have to stay on your toes with me. You have to check in and waste time on a regular basis.

Pussycat: As long as they are not
long and saggy or are covered in stretch marks, I don't know that I care that much. mmmm, boobs.

loveschoolhouserock said...

I was a 'B' cup until I graduated from high school. It wasn't until my late twenties until I 'developed' into my 'DD's. I too love boobs in all shapes and sizes.
I agree with wav in that if it makes the person feel better about themselves I'm all for it. I'm sure I'll eventually get a lift or something...these suckers can't defy gravity forever!!!

wavslidn said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence school house - I was hoping I was not alone on that.

Jay said...

I find it most amusing that most of your posts get an average of 3 or 4 comments.

Post about boobies and they come out of the fucking woodwork!

I'm an ass/legs man myself.

Boobies are good. :)

Pussycat said...

I have to say, as much as I like the perky lil tits, I absolutely love me a nice ass.

But, I believe that the sexiest part of a womans body is the small of her back, especially if she has the right curves.

Party Girl said...

Jay: I'm right there with ya. I find it most amusing what get commented on the most.

Pussycat: The small of my back and the round of my hips is my sweet spot. Lightly kiss my lower back and side/back of my hips, and I'm go through the roof!