Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've always said, only two things should happen in the bedroom

and watching TV isn't one of them.
This backs me up on it. I'm a genius. Pass it on.



Jay said...

Most people have TV's in the bedrooms because they're not having sex.

Jay said...

BTW, yay for boobies!

I viewed your profile and I have to say, when I click on the "view full size" tab, I expect them it to be full sized, dammit!!!! ;P

Once again, ahem, video?

I'm persistent in my hedonism.

wavslidn said...

Thanks for the peek - is that just the first of many other revealing pics??

wavslidn said...

Only two things should happen in the bedroom? You have to let guys keep the dream alive that there is always a chance for the ultimate fantasy - great oral in bed while watching the football game. Come on, what could be better? The 2-girl thing? Nah - I put football and a hummer ahead of that, sorry to let the secret out.

wavslidn said...

Yes, I do love you boobs! Thanks for sharing.

I knew I would love them - they are yours.

Party Girl said...

Jay: huh, so I guess that's why I don't need a TV in the bedroom.

Thanks for the compliments on the boobs. Whew! Pressure is off.
Yes, this is the first of many pictures to come. Maybe I'll have a vote of which picture you like best.

I keep forgetting to record myself for the video. I get to wrapped up in the moment! ...and I appreciate persistence. Hedonism is a good thing! Ever been to the hotel?

Wavs: hummer and football? I think I might get jealous of the fact that I wouldn't have the full attention of my man. But, I get it.
Plus, I find the TV on during sex to be very distracting. Makes it way to hard to concentrate and to cum. Now, I have certainly had my moments when, who the hell cares what's on in the background, but for the most part? TV off.

wavslidn said...

Please, don't get me wrong - I do not think it should be a regular thing. Besides, if the hummer is that good then the football game wont be a distraction and there would be no problem to cumm. I think the only reason a woman has anything to worry about is if she is not very good at oral in the first place. For the record, I feel that a woman is not good at oral only if she does not really enjoy it. If she is into it, it is always good.

Maybe the fantasy should be more based on a suprise hummer while you are just kicking back watching the game.